#1: Real Challenge, Real Impact

We are partnering with National Heritage Board, Science Centre and Singapore Civil Defence Force to provide us with real issues that they face.
Your solution matters because they will inspire actual implementation that will affect lives.

#2: Immersive Experiences

In addition to the hackathon, we will be holding immersive workshops where you will be able to learn how to use One Map ( a integrated system) , learn CPR from first aiders and tour KidsSTOPTM led by guides from the Science Centre.

Sign up for the workshops on the 28th of Nov!


Worried that you do not have programming or coding skills to be able to join the hackathon? Not to worry! We have technology introductory classes designed for newcomers, participants of all levels are welcomed.

Technical workshops are held on the 27th of Nov. Sign up now!


GeoHackathon 2015, organised by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA), taps on the collective brilliance of the brightest minds in the community to solve real-world problems using Geospatial Information Science and Technology (GIST).

Be it data visualisation, spatial data analytics or creating transport network algorithms to help you navigate efficiently from point ‘A’ to ‘Z’, GIST is all about making location information intelligent.

A perfect companion to GIST is the Internet of Things (IoT). This means that we can also map the flow of people, resources and stories through a space, allowing us to develop a deeper understanding of an area. This partnership opens up the possibility space to allow for data to flow between people and objects, and between objects, leading to real-time adjustments to user experiences. What difference might you make?


#1: Sharing Our Heritage

Part of historical research involves a lot of tedious ploughing through of records. How might we use technology to make the detective work of unlocking our past easier?


The Science Centre will be moving to the Jurong Lake District, an area of rich biodiversity. How might GIST help visitors become citizen scientists?

KidsSTOPTM is a self-guided playspace where children learn about science through play. How can GIST help visitors to get the most out of their visit?


A patient who has access to an AED early has a significantly better chance of a full recovery. Can we find a fun way of mapping publically-accessible AEDs?

#4: Open category

Having an exciting idea on the use of GIST but not quite fitting the other 3 challenge categories? Fret not, this is THE category to join!

How might we tap on the potential of GIST to solve interesting problem sets?

1st Prize


  • 1st RUNNER-UP
  • 2nd RUNNER-UP

  • Heritage Challenge Winner
  • Science Challenge Winner
  • LIFESAVER Challenge Winner


  • Connector.

    27 NOV 2015, 7-10PM

    Technical Workshop

    Introduction to Technologies used during the GeoHackathon.
    We will be covering geospatial science, gamification and a new wifi-enabled micro-controller chip will be introduced.

  • Connector.

    28 NOV 2015, 2-5PM

    Challenge Immersion Workshops

    Workshops conducted by our Challenge Partners in various locations. Please refer to our program list in the Schedule page for more information!

  • Connector.

    4-6 DEC 2015

    GeoHackathon 2015

    Hacking hours are Friday 7-10pm, Saturday 9am to Sunday 5pm.

Register Now!

(A $10 refundable commitment fee applies)


Yourself! That is the most important. A survival kit list will be provided to everyone who registered closer to the event date. You may also wish to bring additional materials, tools or equipment to support you in your prototyping needs.
Yes you can! Technical skills are not required (although they are useful) as we have prepared a series of workshops on the 27th and 28th November to get you acquainted to the technologies. If you have an idea and are passionate to translate it to reality, you are most welcomed to join! Bring an open mind!
Do follow our program plan under the resource tab, to find out more.
You do not have to attend all of them. Attending them however will give you a head start in the technologies and ideas surrounding the hackathon.
Teams are advised to be in groups of 3-5 people.

Please use the profile sheets to profile yourself, and fill out the team sheets after you have formed your team!

This token sum will help us to ensure your turn out for the event. We will be refunding the deposit to you after the event.
We will have a team formation session where you can meet other like-minded individuals and form teams for the weekend with them. The minimum size for a team is 3 persons and the maximum is 5 persons.
Participants will fully own their solution after the hackathon. If the participants do not have the intention to further the project or/and after 6 months, Singapore Land Authority reserves the right to have another team build on the submission.
Participants will be provided a set of hardware kit for their use during the hackathon.
There are no age limits to this event 😀
If the above FAQ isn’t answering your question, feel free to write in to us at jamen (at) onemakergroup.com.
Yes, the Technical Workshops will be held on 27 November 2015, Friday from 7pm to 10pm and a General Workshop organised by the Challenge partners will be held on the 28th November 2015, 2pm to 5pm at several locations (based on the challenge you’ve chosen). This information session is open to the public as long as you are registered here. We will go through the challenge topics in detail, introduce the available resources and share some tips to improve your experience at GeoHackathon 2015!
All teams will have access to electronics prototyping kits which we have chosen the Espresso Board (please find our “What’s New” page for more information on the tool kits!) for the GeoHackathon 2015, as well as tools and materials for digital fabrication (i.e. 3D Printers, Laser Cutters). All electronics kits will also come with a basic sensor package. To purchase additional sensors, we will be organizing a purchasing trip to Sim Lim Tower on the first day of GeoHackathon 2015. You are also welcome to bring your own materials, sensors and tools to the event.
There will be 2 rounds of presentations : first to consultants (3min presentation, 2min questions), and the selected teams will go on to present in front of the panel of judges (3min presentation, 5min questions).
Teams will be judged based on: customer desirability, technical feasbilty, originality, grit